OpenPype 3.15.9

OpenPype 3.15.9

Hi all, we’ve released a new version of OpenPype desktop app!

Here are some interesting bits out of the changes and enhancements that made it to this release. You can see all the details on the bottom or in the github 3.15.9 release changelog

Unreal engine improvements

  • The levels created for the camera in Unreal now include _camera in the name, to be better identifiable, and are placed in the camera folder.
  • Creator, Loader and Extractor for Unreal Levels have been implemented.

Blender alembic camera loading

  • Not only The Line will appreciate the possibility to load Alembic cameras in Blender.

Family dropdown in template placeholders

  • Creating templates in Maya and Nuke is easier then before with drop down menu listing all available families. No need to type anything manually anymore. Special thanks to Thomas Fricard (FixStudio)

Enabling Fusion for deadline farm rendering.


Full changelog:

:new: New features

Blender: Implemented Loading of Alembic Camera #4990

Implemented loading of Alembic cameras in Blender.

Unreal: Implemented Creator, Loader and Extractor for Levels #5008

Creator, Loader and Extractor for Unreal Levels have been implemented.

:rocket: Enhancements

Blender: Added setting for base unit scale #4987

A setting for the base unit scale has been added for Blender.The unit scale is automatically applied when opening a file or creating a new one.

Unreal: Changed naming and path of Camera Levels #5010

The levels created for the camera in Unreal now include _camera in the name, to be better identifiable, and are placed in the camera folder.

Settings: Added option to nest settings templates #5022

It is possible to nest settings templates in another templates.

Enhancement/publisher: Remove "hit play to continue" label on continue #5029

Remove “hit play to continue” message on continue so that it doesn’t show anymore when play was clicked.

Ftrack: Limit number of ftrack events to query at once #5033

Limit the amount of ftrack events received from mongo at once to 100.

General: Small code cleanups #5034

Small code cleanup and updates.

Global: collect frames to fix with settings #5036

Settings for Collect Frames to Fix will allow disable per project the plugin. Also Rewriting latest version attribute is hiddable from settings.

General: Publish plugin apply settings can expect only project settings #5037

Only project settings are passed to optional apply_settings method, if the method expects only one argument.

:bug: Bug fixes

Maya: Load Assembly fix invalid imports #4859

Refactors imports so they are now correct.

Maya: Skipping rendersetup for members. #4973

When publishing a rendersetup, the objectset is and should be empty.

Maya: Validate Rig Output IDs #5016

Absolute names of node were not used, so plugin did not fetch the nodes properly.Also missed pymel command.

Deadline: escape rootless path in publish job #4910

If the publish path on Deadline job contains spaces or other characters, command was failing because the path wasn’t properly escaped. This is fixing it.

General: Company name and URL changed #4974

The current records were obsolete in inno_setup, changed to the up-to-date.

Unreal: Fix usage of 'get_full_path' function #5014

This PR changes all the occurrences of get_full_path functions to alternatives to get the path of the objects.

Unreal: Fix sequence frames validator to use correct data #5021

Fix sequence frames validator to use clipIn and clipOut data instead of frameStart and frameEnd.

Unreal: Fix render instances collection to use correct data #5023

Fix render instances collection to use frameStart and frameEnd from the Project Manager, instead of the sequence’s ones.

Resolve: loader is opening even if no timeline in project #5025

Loader is opening now even no timeline is available in a project.

nuke: callback for dirmapping is on demand #5030

Nuke was slowed down on processing due this callback. Since it is disabled by default it made sense to add it only on demand.

Publisher: UI works with instances without label #5032

Publisher UI does not crash if instance don’t have filled ‘label’ key in instance data.

Publisher: Call explicitly prepared tab methods #5044

It is not possible to go to Create tab during publishing from OpenPype menu.

Ftrack: Role names are not case sensitive in ftrack event server status action #5058

Event server status action is not case sensitive for role names of user.

Publisher: Fix border widget #5063

Fixed border lines in Publisher UI to be painted correctly with correct indentation and size.

Unreal: Fix Commandlet Project and Permissions #5066

Fix problem when creating an Unreal Project when Commandlet Project is in a protected location.

Unreal: Added verification for Unreal app name format #5070

The Unreal app name is used to determine the Unreal version folder, so it is necessary that if follows the format x-x, where x is any integer. This PR adds a verification that the app name follows that format.

:page_with_curl: Documentation

Docs: Display wrong image in ExtractOIIOTranscode #5045

Wrong image display in

Merged pull requests

Drop-down menu to list all families in create placeholder #4928

Currently in the create placeholder window, we need to write the family manually. This replace the text field by an enum field with all families for the current software.

add sync to specific projects or listen only #4919

Extend kitsu sync service with additional arguments to sync specific projects.