Nuke Publish Resolution


The Nuke publish node is writing with project resolution settings. Is it possible to override it?

When FX artists do FX precomp, they don’t have to write high-res previews, essentially 4K. Usually, FHD is good enough. It takes so much bandwidth when reading and time with 4K writes (or whatever high resolution, if any).

Adding reformat is working for footage but when burnins (text info around edges) are following the project resolution,

Hey @Krishna_Avril thanks for the question. I need to ask additional questions to understand complexity of your context. It seems to me you are using render family instance for publishing precomps. Is precomp interpretable as published rendered sequence element, which is only used by other artists in studio - so artist A publishes it and artist B use it for his final comp? The reason I am asking is because perhaps those publishes doesn’t need to be accompanied with reviewable videos. Those are only prefered if they need to be approved for farther processing. For the exchange of versioned products this can be skipped.

This can also be done by prerender instances rather then render - since those are not having reformat inside and any size can be used.