Nuke - Publish on Farm with Existing Frames

Sometimes artists use local or farm render without publish. Maybe the farm is swamped, or artist is using plugin that doesn’t have enough farm licenses. Or maybe artist prefers to render on farm but check frames before publishing.

When it is time to publish, artist can either use “existing frame” option and block his machine by local publish till all the reviews are done, or send the publish to farm and let it re-render perfectly good frames. Some artists even use farm publish, and mark the main render in deadline as completed in Deadline Monitor.

Do you think it would be useful to have fourth option in Nuke render publish, “use existing frames - farm”?

Also mentioned in old Discord topic.

Bumping this discussion, is there any current dev plans to support this workflow?

I ended up implementing it, here’s a draft PR of the changes [DRAFT] Nuke: Remote existing frames by fabiaserra · Pull Request #5196 · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub so far it seems to be working fine for us


Thank you so much @fabiaserra !

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I believe this PR was made to add the feature mentioned in the post.
Thanks everyone for your contribution.