Nuke Error


I’m in the infancy of testing out AYON, specifically following the latest guide.
I’ve managed to set up the server just fine, on another machine in docker and I’ve managed to build the latest next-minor branch of the openpype launcher which connects just fine.

So far I have Photoshop connected, Blender doesn’t seem to want to load the addon at all (PySide is installed) but for Nuke I’m getting this error.

Any ideas? In the Nuke addon settings I’ve created one Gizmo menu and mapped that to a set of tools that I know work, removing that entry also doesn’t help unfortunately.

Just to add to this, maybe there’s an issue with my server or tray tool, I just don’t have the technical know-how to work this one out.

I went to try Resolve with AYON, I installed Py3.6 to the directory listed in the docs and Resolve loaded from the launcher just fine. I noticed though that there was no OpenPype menu.
Going to Workspaces > Scripts > Comp and OpenPype Menu then checking the Console I see this similar error

Looks like get_local_settings is the culprit, I just don’t know how to fix that. Photoshop’s menu seems to load and operate just fine inc publishes

Aaaaand Blender too, I managed to find the system console window, same issue

Are you sure you weren’t switching branches while OP was running?

Hi, thanks for report. Should be fixed now.