Nuke 13.2 Launcher Missing

Hi all, this is might be a very simple question, but does anyone know what may cause a software’s launcher to not appear in the ayon launcher? We would like to test both nuke 13.2 and nuke 14 on our project, but only the nuke 14 launcher appears although both applications have been added to the project’s anatomy and they are installed in the same location locally.

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there could be a lot of reasons why it is not appearing.

  • you have the option to “Show only installed apps” enabled and the path to executable does not exist on the machine
  • you do not have the app set in projects anatomy (not in anatomy presets)
  • when you add a new app variant you need to restart the server
  • you can have tools overriden on asset level so even though the project anatomy is correct, your asset is not inheriting the values from anatomy

without knowing and seeing your setup it is a bit difficult to help . . .

Oops forgot to update here and thanks for your reply, @murphy !

For posterity, the issue on our end turned out to be the executable configuration – in the server Applications > Nuke > Variants > 13.2 > Executables it was for some reason defaulting to a minor version of nuke 13.2 which was different from what we had installed. After correcting that it all launches fine.