New Kitsu task for shots breaks Ayon dependencies

Hey, found a bug: when i create project in Kistu and create all nessery for project seq shots and tasks all seems work ok, but when i try to add new task to existing shots AYON struggles to sync in automatic but syncs ok with manal "sync now’ button however in tray all taskts from all shots desapers and i need to fully detele the project in ayon

edited: just changed applications in anatomy of a project solved it and all tasks appeared, unexpected behavior

As far as I know, the sync feature was enhanced by this PR Fully working sync by EmberLightVFX · Pull Request #32 · ynput/ayon-kitsu · GitHub
I hope it helps you dig inside the code.

I think @Danell can provide further insights.

Sounds very weird. What’s your projects, sequence and shots name?

pretty default

video of a behavior

but this time it was struggling just from start

maybe problem with my hardware?

Have you setup the Kitsu Processor service? You’ll need a Ayon ASH service running to do that.

yes i am you can see it in portainer in my video

after i added new task

nothing in launcher

and in browser

after sync now button

ooookey, maybe i figured out what causing a problem: i’ve updated kitsu addon but not updated the service so addon is 1.2.2 but serviec was 1.2.1 i’ve respawned the service and sync seems to be working now. Maybe in term of global development will be good to imlement services as an addon part: i mean that addon will deside what service to launch and user will not configure it by hand because its easy to forget and documentation is not clear about it

There are cases where you might want older version of the service but there should absolutely be an warning window somewhere! I have done the exact same as you before and I know others that have done it too :smile:

@Danell I see what you mean… Another little question: can we somehow make project from kitsu anatomy copy apps from studio anatomy? and can we somehow make yon sync new kitsu projects automaticaly to not press “pair project” each time?

@Danell idk why but again its not syncing… one thing i change- updated core addon since last time

but if i restart the service it starts to sync