Multiple server instances as production and test servers

Hello team!

I was wondering if your team has had any inquiries about running AYON on multiple servers, where one server would act as a production server and the second would act as a development/test server.

We were hoping that our studio would have a production server environment that would act as both production and adoption, while the devs would work on the other one for experimentation, testing, discovery etc. We currently have the hardware available so the segregation between the two would really reduce the potential of messing up production.

The question then arises where if the test environment gets to a point that it can be considered a release candidate for the production server, do you have a method to migrate that test server configuration over to the production server?

Would it be through bundles? Or another method/solution that you guys have in mind?

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We are planning to provide full build in mechanisms to do this including migration of projects between instances or splitting off a project to it’s own instance and then merging it back.

It is, however, planned as enterprise tool that will most probably sit next to AYON.

That being said, it is possible to do it via API.

You’d need to make sure you have the same addons available on both, then transfer a release bundle and then transfer any settings you might want to carry over.

You could also use our new dev mode Developer mode | AYON Docs
that allows developers to work on their own isolated bundles that don’t affect production or staging at all. However they still need to work on a separate test project of course, to prevent screwing with running projects