More Template Keys for Nuke Templated Workfile Build

Hey! Sneaky double post on my part

I’m assuming referenced keys are not implemented in the templated workfile builder, this would be super handy to have.
Here’s what I’ve tried, attempting to set up separate workfile templates per-sequence:
path to template: {root[work]}/{project[name]}/_templates/nuke/{parent}/Lighting.nk

The root[work] key works fine, but all references to project, hierarchy, parent etc give “could not solve key” errors in nuke. The {parent} is the important part that would ideally return the sequence name.

My dream uber-template system would have a per sequence template, with different segments added or removed on build, based on shot tags

In the meantime I think I’ll just make one huge template file that contains the setups for multiple sequences. This is okay for Nuke but not so great for blender or maya etc

Let me just add my 2 cents.
As far as I know, we don’t call them referenced keys but template keys

Therefore, your post can be rephrased into 2 questions:

  1. What are the supported template keys for Nuke Templated Workfile Build ayon+settings://nuke/templated_workfile_build
  2. Your idea of : Adding parent key to the supported template keys.

Could you tell me if I got you correctly ?

Also, Maybe could provide more info @jakub.jezek about your idea.

Hey, yes, absolutely correct.
My bad, yeah I did mean template keys

I updated your post’s title for better visibility if your don’t mind.
Feel free to change it for your personal preference.