Migrate Openpype System Settings to Ayon


Currently, we are utilizing Openpype and are interested in exploring Ayon. We have a running Ayon server with a test project, everything works fine.
So I am looking to migrate all the Openpype System Settings values (Mainly Applications & Tools Part) to Ayon. However, I’ve observed that the settings do not have precisely the same schema, and I am seeking guidance on how to proceed with this transition in order to start with the same base than OP.

Thanks by advance for your help.

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As far as I know, It’s done manually.

I’ve update the post category if you don’t mind.


Thank you for the answer,

At the origin, I’ve asked this question in Discord (ayon-server channel) on the february 22th and @milan told me to post it in the forum because it can helps others peoples. I know you’re working on a lot of stuffs, so no worries :slight_smile: