LUT handling

I’m curious about how others have been handling Luts. E.g. a typical flow for us is that there is a handful of lut files for the entire show and then for each shot there is a separate shot-lut. So to get a color-correct version of a shot we would need to apply both a showölut and a shot-lut.

Would that be just a clever ocio config file; how would that fit with publishing luts (versioning them) and linking those to certain Folders (shots)

Any ideas or thoughts?

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Hey @sjt sorry for the delay. I have to work out some better way of notifications for myself.

So there are two concepts at the moment for Lut injection and assigning to shots. First is current working workflow Hiero/NukeStudio effect (timeline soft-effects) publishing and Nuke loading either as Viewer’s input process group node or as a group node connectable anywhere in the node tree.
Here is the tutorial for the workflow Loading Hiero effects to Nuke in two ways - YouTube

The second way is more complicated and it requires more in depth Ocio config knowledge. Since you can use environment variable (SHOT, SEQ, EPISODE) within a custom config. You can build the LUT distribution upon it. You can use AVALON_ASSET environment variable for passing it to the config.ocio and then create colorspace profiles using those variables for creating the path to any of your luts.