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Developer A and Q for discussion below.
I was wondering what sort of demand there is from the community for this feature? and how does Ayon prioritize this to formally tie all the process automation building blocks together to make this production ready? because that would be awesome ! Thanks

I am new to Ayon and just wondering how it handles any metadata type dependency tracking and if it has any subsequent automation functions ? ie, can we set it up to kick off 3d renders > comp renders > publish QTs for review if there is a anim update for example ?

Ayon answer…
The dependencies are handles using a link system that is native to AYON data model. We have a few link types pre-created out of the box and those are also automatically populated in most situations (for example reference links in maya), however to cover all the relationship in the production you might need to add some internal logic to creating those links too.
Once you’re set up, you would be able to track what needs to be re-rendered if you change animation for example, but at the moment there isn’t a full process automation to process all the dependent scenes for you. There are plenty of building blocks in place, but some coding would be needed to get it production ready.

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