Legacy Instances

Heyo. Not sure if this is the right place, but converting legacy instances only pops up with a solution in the publish tab, you can click it all day long in the create tab, but unless you’re publishing, it isn’t clear if it’s doing anything or not.

Thanks - that indeed seems to point to a design issue. I wonder how much thought/development this would still get since it’s really a “conversion” feature and as time progresses this will likely be less and less important since legacy assets will be less likely in running productions. @milan thoughts on this?

Side note - We’ve already done quite some legacy conversions in Maya and some conversions gave us issues. In particular animation instances would get a different subset name after the conversion and converting of render instances would lose information like primary and secondary pool, etc. We patched most of that in this commit but do have some other tweaks in our branch that might be involved with some of the changes there. It’s good to note however that not all instances might by default convert 1-to-1 to produce the exact same result in the new publisher of which renderlayer instances and animation instances are examples we hit in production.