Kitsu module: Drop entities root settings

In settings, you can customize the entities root folders for assets and shots:

This allows you to create a tree of folders where all assets or shots will be put under. The issue is, I don’t see any use case where we will need more than Assets/ or Shots/ to put all the related entities.
Moreover, that’s how things are classified in Kitsu:

Therefore, I propose to drop this settings feature to keep a simple Assets and Shots, not customizable.

It is fair to keep it simpler if it matches kitsu behaviour 1-1. I’m a bit confused why this setting was there in the first place. We should be “duplicating” whatever the project structure is in Kitsu. Considering OP only really has asset when it comes to entity types, the rest of it, is just names.

So I thing you’re right.

I’ve introduced this because of the request from Jacob Danell and thought it’d be better to have it as a setting. But I overengineered it :wink:

Closing this post as it’s pretty old.