Initializing work directory and set up "Extra work folders" for custom application

I would like to be able to launch a custom application (which is not a supported integrated host currently) via OpenPype.

For this you can set up a custom Application in System Settings: applications/additional_apps.

Now whenever a user launches this application I’d like to still create a relevant work directory and specificy “Extra work folders” for that particular application. It seems that project_settings/global/tools/Workfiles/extra_folders is focused on hosts filtering and not applications filtering and thus cannot be defined for custom applications.

Additionally - the custom application also does not create the workdir - even though I would like that to happen. Is there any way I can get this to work?

If not possible currently, does it make sense to for custom applications add a checkbox under the Application that says:

  • Initialize work directory on launch [yes/no]
  • Initialize work directory using host name [xyz]

Then additionally also in project_settings/global/tools/Workfiles/extra_folders also allow Extra work folders (for when work directory initializing is enabled for the application) for these extra folders to also get generated if the filtering is True - and then add a “Applications” filter there which can also filter to the custom applications.

Any thoughts?

Purely as an example:

  • I want to add Zbrush as a custom application, when the user launches it I want a work directory to get created including some extra work folders related to their Zbrush work - even though Zbrush currently is not (yet) a supported integrated host.