How to work with shot-based luts?

[Ported from Discord. Question by @Danell, Answered by @fabiaserra

Have anyone worked with shot-based luts? So one lut per shot.
Any pipeline to deal with this so the preview file gets the correct lut applied to it?

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Answer by @fabiaserra :

we do, we have a config.ocio with search paths like this:

search_path: |

In this example luts: and grade: are relative to the location where the config is…
config.ocio will search for them with top-down priority.

and then a shot_lut look that applies a grade.ccc file if it finds it on those search paths. As long as the $OCIO and env vars are defined on the context of the process extracting the review, it automatically should apply it. that works for any DCC that supports OCIO really, Nuke, RV, Houdini…

For more info OCIO config environment variables distribution · Issue #4299 · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub