How to set up Nuke to load clips correctly from publisher?

I have tried to set up a nuke template with placeholders. It worked previously where the placeholders would be replaced with an openpype loader node with the correct clip.
Now this is not the case, which is weird since I didn’t change anything…

But my other problem is that when I then try to load clips into nuke, the settings in the loader are incorrect which leads to artists having to spend more time fixing this than we did previously.

  1. The Frame range is incorrect, this clip is actually 199 frames but it only reads as 1-10
  2. I would like it to say ‘expression’ where it says ‘Start at: 1001’
  3. Can I somehow make it use a correct default input transform so I don’t have to change it everytime?

I have attached a screenshot of the read-node settings and my project attributes.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.28.35