How to publish an Action from Blender

Are there any docs on how to publish an action from Blender? I just get a popup error whenever I try to create an action for publish.

For context this is what im using:

Blender: 3.6
Blender addon:  0.1.6

Ayon Server: 1.0.4+202402231406
Ayon Launcher: 1.0.0
Openpype addon: 3.18.7

and here’s the error I’m getting:

Creator: Action (io.openpype.creators.blender.action)

Error: 'asset'

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\[MyUsername]\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\addons\openpype_3.18.7\openpype\pipeline\create\", line 2059, in _create_with_unified_error
    result = creator.create(*args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\[MyUsername]\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\addons\openpype_3.18.7\openpype\hosts\blender\plugins\create\", line 25, in create
    name = plugin.prepare_scene_name(instance_data["asset"], subset_name)
KeyError: 'asset'

Are you able to post the code for the plugin?

Looks like the asset data member of instance_data is not available.

I think it errors because in AYON mode we use folderPath instead of asset
I assume, it works fine in OpenPype mode.

Some dev

So, I’m guessing this line

should be like

or like

            if AYON_SERVER_ENABLED:
                instance_data["folderPath"] = asset_name
                instance_data["asset"] = asset_name

            name = plugin.prepare_scene_name(asset_name, subset_name)

I think it works fine in Ayon-core >= 0.2.0 but I’m not sure if the latest ayon launcher supports that addon or not.

I checked the code I think it will work fine in the upcoming ayon-core release which I believe will be supported by the upcoming launcher release.

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