How to add non-default file formats

I currently have some sequences of .dng files that I needed to ingest.
I added .dng to plate and render in Studio Settings → TrayPublisher → Simple Create Plugins → Plate and that allowed me to ingest the footage.
The problem I’m now having is to load the footage from the loader inside of Fusion. It allows me to copy the file path etc but not load it into Fusion.

How/Where do I set that up? Or is it something that needs to be added to IMAGE_EXTENSIONS under ayon-core → lib → transcoding?

This is implemented on the Loader plug-ins. For the Fusion sequence loader that’s here.

You can see that the current implementation indeed relies on the IMAGE_EXTENSIONS defined in transcoding where .dng files seem to be lacking.

Whether those should be added - maybe @jakub.jezek has something to say about that but I suppose they should.

Exactly my thought. If it sounds like a good idea for Ayon I can create a PR that adds .dng to image and sequences for the traypublisher + dng in IMAGE_EXTENSIONS

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I went ahead and made a PR for it as I find it quite needed when working on film-scanned productions.

For future I would also recommend to replicate nuke loader plugin settings. This could be then changed simply by adding the extension into the plugin respected extensions, like here ayon+settings://nuke/load/LoadImage/representations_include

Sounds like a good feature to add!