Fusion FBX/ABC import change

The current load plugins for FBX and Alembics add the FBX/Alembic node and pastes the path to the file. This is not the intended way to do this in Fusion.
You should import the FBX/ABC through the file menu.
There is sadly no way to fully do this automatically but you can launch the import window through scripting.

My suggestion is to change the current loader pluings to copy the path to the users clipboard and launch the import window so the user simply paste the path and imports the fbx/abc.

As the geo will be split up there is no way to automatically update the 3D to a later/older version like we can do with image sequences.
Hopefully the new USD workflow that came with Fusion 18.5 will solve that part :slight_smile: But for now, what do you think?

I know @BigRoy will have something to say about this at least :slight_smile:

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Yes please - would be nice to have!

I agree that having the actual File > Import actions available in Fusion through OpenPype would be pure bliss - especially since for Alembic I believe that does support cameras but the mesh loader node does not.

If it’d require emulating key presses it would be dangerous however

However, it’d require shady scripts to trigger keyboard key clicks to force our way through the pop-ups used for loading and I have done prototypes in the past that worked ok but not perfect. It worked fine if the user clicked load and did absolutely nothing else. But if a user were to click load and directly click alt tab or due to some other odd event another window would pop-up to the front then suddenly the keyboard inputs would get redirected there. I’ve never found a solution at the time.

I vaguely recall there being a Fusion or ScriptApp command like EmulateKeyPress or alike which I was never able to get to work. If there’s a way to force the commands towards only Fusion without introducing insane amount of Python libs we might need to depend upon I’d say let’s do it!

Nodes vs File > Import

I do want to clarify that there are use cases for both the nodes themselves and the File > Import menu entries. So I would say any implementation like this would not be a replacement of the existing loaders but would instead be new loaders to be implemented.

Good incites Roy! I read your thread over at WSL about the automated key-presses and I wouldn’t want something like that myself in OP…

Maybe we should just add a second import-option that opens the Alembic/FBX import window and copy the path to the clipboard. The rest is up to the user to do.
Maybe add a popup that the user can select Don't show next time telling them that they have the path in their clipboard? It’s not super streamlined but it will help to remove any confusion.