Failed to build/run Openpype on Rocky Linux

I build ‘OpenPype’ manually with below commands, because i dealt it on Rocky linux 8.8

  • after git clone repository


and fortunately the ‘./build/exe.linux-x86_64-3.9’ folder is created.

however, when i use ‘./build/exe.linux-x86_64-3.9/openpype_gui’ and ‘./build/exe.linux-x86_64-3.9/openpype_console’, the warning message which is in attached imaged occur.

i’d like to know what cause it is and what solution could i get ?

For whom it may concern.

@taiyeong put an update on it on discord, Find it here

@taiyeong continued testing Openpype on Rocky Linux 9 where a problem occurred

Let me quote it from discord:

Steps taiyeong followed:

  • I build the ‘Openpype’ which is pipeline toolkit system from git on rocky linux 9
  • I setup MongoDB on Nas via Docker app (mongodb://
  • when I open the openpype tool which feature is to connect mongodb to client’s opnepype, the errors which is in attached image occur.
  • In that images, there is a keywords : keyring, hmac, digestmod … / So I guess that error could be related to rocky linux 9 (when I build openpype on rocky linux 8, It worked without this error)

Answers by @antirotor :

OP isn’t that much tested on Rocky 9 - from the error it seems the python is built against newer version of OpenSSL that somewhat changed default hashlib behaviour? Since the error happens in keyring/secretstorage modules, it might be bug there

AYON will support Rocky 9 in time, OP should be compatible with VFX platform CY2022 and moving it to CY2024 would probably take a lot of effort and will break compatibility (or what’s left of it) with older DCCs still used in production

you may try to update keyring/secretstorage modules in OP venv to fix that issue