ExtractOIIOTranscode and ExtractColorspaceData

It seems that ExtractOIIOTranscode depends on the colorspaceData key to exist on representations, and from my understanding that happens in ExtractColorspaceData (this might happen elsewhere). However the oiiotranscode has the order of extractor + 0.019 while colorspace extraction is at extractor + 0.49 so it always happens after the transcode?

I guess I’m missing where the colorspaceData is harvested before the transcode?

For context I’m thinking about publishing plates from the traypublisher and applying a color transform to those dudes.

Hey @sjt yes you are right. There is no point for the Global Extractor. We will remove it.

To harvest it from your host plugins you will need to add Mixin class to any of your plugin. You can find an example here openpype\hosts\nuke\plugins\publish\extract_render_local.py and here is a code which is adding the data to any representation.

# inject colorspace data
      repre, instance.context,