Exploring Deadline Addon

Hi Folks!

Been looking into the Deadline addon, and I was hoping to do some changes and see the results directly on Deadline immediately but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Just for context, I’m using a custom developer bundle, and I am accessing the launcher with the flags --debug and --use-dev

What I was testing currently was just seeing if I can change the default priority (60 instead of 50) upon submission. So using Nuke in this particular test

That didn’t work. There is also an Optional toggle there, that didn’t seem to affect anything either (not sure what it does tbh)

I noticed below that there is a Process submitted job on farm. option so I set that priority to 60 also. That also didn’t work

I also tried supplying a new addon directory, where I modified the preset priority to 60, that doesn’t work as well

Also a confusing part is that even with the toggle on showing the path, it still shows the default version that is on the server. Some testing here shows that if I put a fake path on there, Deadline add-on doesn’t load (via the ayon_console.exe, so I guess it is referencing the provided path) but putting an add-on in there doesn’t explicitly indicate anywhere (like the ayon_console.exe) that it is using the custom path.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since no matter whatever Priority option that I’m changing the default prio it isn’t being reflected in Deadline when submitted. I was wondering if you guys have any idea or perhaps I’m missing something here?


Secondly there seems to be something a bit of a confusing with the launcher. When building the launcher, by doing a git pull of the code, it will create a beta.8 which isn’t actually a release according to the release page. We had to build from the source code to create a beta.7

develop (default)


I figured I should point that out if anyone else is noticing they are building beta.8 instead of 7.


PS. I’m doing a clean exit of the launcher upon each change, not sure if it is necessary, but doing that to at least cover my bases.

Thanks for reporting the problem…

Regards failing Jobs on farm:
we already caught that problem earlier yesterday and we figure out the problem but it’s not solved yet.

Problem we faced yesterday:
Jobs fails because Ayon environments injection fails because of a client error mentioning can’t find bundle dev settings.

It’s similar to this in the deadline log:

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

Could you confirm ?
Also, Could you open Ayon launcher as usual in production mode and try to publish the same job ? (it should work with no problems.)

Regards Ayon version:
I can’t help about it, I’ll leave for someone else.

I’d like to note that there’s an Ayon dev mode community guide is coming soon :wink: .

Hi Mustafa,

Looking at the Deadline log I do not see a Client Error at all. The good news is that we are not currently experiencing failing jobs on the farm with AYON.
The issue instead, is that it seems like modifying the default job attributes for (in this case Nuke) submissions like Priority or even Department, doesn’t seem to reflect those changes on the farm.

Either through the add-on options on the server or via a modified add on provided in the bundle. This same behaviour also happens when referencing a production or staging bundle.

Created issue Bug: Deadline priority is not being propagated in Nuke · Issue #5952 · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub to monitor this. Thanks for bringing it up.

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