Experimenting with Ayon & Godot for Blender in V-Sekai


I’ve started a new experiment: integrating Ayon with our Godot Engine setup, specifically for managing Blender projects in V-Sekai (pronounced vee-say-kai). Our team prefers Godot for its versatility and open-source nature, which is ideal for our 2D and 3D work. We’re curious if Ayon can simplify our workflows, especially around Blender assets.


  • Test Ayon for better management of Blender assets within Godot.
  • See if Ayon can help reduce our daily manual, repetitive tasks.
  • Investigate Ayon’s potential to enhance teamwork, especially for maintaining consistency across project versions.

Why This Matters:

The goal is simple: boost efficiency so we can focus more on the creative aspects of our projects. With our focus on VR developments, streamlining these processes now could pay off later.

Seeking Insights:

  • If you’ve tried using Ayon with Godot for Blender, I’d love to hear about your experiences.
  • What challenges should I anticipate?
  • Are there any features or tools you think Ayon should develop for smoother integration with Godot and Blender?

I am eager to hear your thoughts and experiences!


Todo list:

  1. Postgres: Deploy as a service, with persistent storage for data.
  2. Redis: Implement for caching and session management.
  3. Ayon: Configuring variables and dependencies with encrypted connections. Configure email.
  4. Cloud Storage: Using cloud storage ensures secure, reliable, and accessible asset management for our distributed community, avoiding the limitations of local storage on individual machines.
  5. Build Launcher: Build the ayon launcher package
  6. Build addons: Build the ayon addons package
  7. Bundle Godot Engine: Bundle our specific branch of Godot Engine.
  8. Configure Defaults: Like use 30fps etc.

Essential Dependency:

  • Write a Github single signon provider due to the lack of a provider.


  • Send notification to Discord channel(s) whenever configured asset type is published.
  • Send an asset overview/thumbnail to discord channel(s) with a Discord action
  • Send an asset to discord channel(s) with a Discord action
  • Convert fbx to glb via a Godot Engine binary ASH service
  • Converft usd to glb via a GitHub - V-Sekai/USD-Fileformat-plugins: A collection of USD fileformat plugins ASH service
  • Generate image description tags via a vision AI model via ASH service

Seems promising! I wish you good luck :crossed_fingers: