Examples in the Key Concepts Glossary Page

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I have recently gone through the glossary section of the documentation which is meant to be written for artists specifically. Some of the concepts have examples, like this one but others do not, like this one, and I think that this section would be more accessible to everyone -specially those who lack of a technical knowledge- by adding more examples, at least one per glossary concept.

Ideally all the examples would belong to the same context so that the reader can see the relationship between the examples, because having isolated examples is fine, but it does not help with following up the hierarchy of concepts as the examples do not relate with what you just have read in the previous definition.

By the way, the definition here it is stating that A task defines a work area for an asset, but asset is not something defined beforehand, I guess this would meant to say that A task defines a work area for a Folder right? or are Tasks only a thing in the asset pipeline as opposed of a shot pipeline?

Also here it does not state that a workfile is a Product Type, and as it has its very own epigraph, it hints that it is something else, so I would add Work File under the Product epigraph.

EDIT: adding the Workfile example.

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FYI, AYON Core is in heavy dev at the moment where a lot of keywords are going to be updated on the code level. I think afterwards we can update the docs with the new terminologies.

Many thanks for your suggestion.

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