Evaluate OpenCue Integration

As far as we can tell all pype users currently render using Deadline. However at least part of them chose it simply because we have a good integration with it, not out of primary preference.

We’ve been looking at OpenCue for a while now and I wonder what people think about possibly doing a solid integration with it.

It could substantially lower the barrier of entry for openCue, because it is not entirely trivial to deploy it right now. Quite frankly most of pype.club clients are using about 10% of deadline feature set, so something simpler and open, might be more suitable.

+1 !

We have been looking towards OpenCUE for a while as well. The initial setup and pipeline integration has been the barrier for us. Would switch in a heartbeat.

I would definitely be interested in that integration!

Using Deadline as well in our studio, but looking at alternatives to cut the costs.
OpenCue definitely seems to be the good choice (looks solid and versatile).

Didn’t have time to try it yet (and not sure when we will), but it is planned.

It would also obviously benefit to Pype, by adding a big open source tool into the pipe …

-1 :slight_smile:

With Deadline being free now, I don’t think the workload is worth it.

Agreed that for now it would be wasted resources. This topic was mainly moved for posterity from github discussions

For reference,
Here’s the discord thread regards OpenCue. Discord