Error when publishing from Harmony

When attempting to publish from Harmony it gets as far as Integrate Version Attributes, then stops due to errors.


After this my server dashboard becomes unresponsive, and all the setting vanish. Resetting the server from the dashboard doesn’t fix it, i have to go to the machine running the server and stop the server docker container and start it again

Hello, it looks like this is not an issue with Harmony itself. Looks like the connection to server failed few times.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it seems for some reason when I publish from harmony it kills my server. The server is otherwise stable and I have no issues publishing from photoshop and blender. But every time with harmony this happens.

If you can confirm Harmony is working with ayon for other users, I’d accept this may be a problem with my server set up and I can look into doing it another way.

Many thanks

You might want to try this with AYON: Fix thumbnail integration by iLLiCiTiT · Pull Request #5970 · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub

Closing this post as the PR was merged.
If the problem still exists, please report back.