Episode name in naming templates

Quick question, previously we weren’t able to use {episode} in our anatomy naming to get the episode name. Seems to still be the case, is that correct?

I’m basically trying to do this for file naming: {project[code]}{episode}{parent}{folder[name]}{task[name]}{@version}<{comment}>.{ext}

that is correct, in our fork of AYON I added this ayon-core/client/ayon_core/pipeline/template_data.py at release/alkemyx · fabiaserra/ayon-core · GitHub so we can make use of {episode}, {seq}, {shot}, {shotnum} (just the number part of the shot as our shots are a combination of show code, episode, seq and shotnum), {asset_type} and I’m passing it through prepare_template_data so we can use any of the different variants (i.e. {Shot} to capitalize it or {SHOT} to use all capital letters) to fit the different requirement specs

Perfecto! Thanks for sharing, I’d assume most studios would want to be able to use “episode” for naming conventions. Hopefully this will become part of the main build anyway. Thanks again

Just wanted to cross-reference this issue which is relevant to this: Context Variables: Easy access to variables like episode, sequence, shot · Issue #533 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub