Dev addon invalid version

Hello everyone, this would be my first post on this forum (many to follow I hope :))

So to get to the point, I installed Ayon, got the latest images, the services are running well.
After reading documentation and forum posts, I was fiddling around with the shotgrid addon to catch and fix some errors.

My little problem is, after uploading a to the server, and wanting to create a new bundle, I got a popup error saying TypeError: Invalid Version: dev (same with :
I checked on the server and it has the same structure as mentioned in this doc
Is there a setting or something I might have missed ?
This is a minor issue of course as I can always put a real number and use it in my bundle, but this would compromise deployment hygiene when we will adopt the solution :wink:

So far, I’m impressed with the system, looking forward to contributing !

Ok got it :grimacing:, I was supposed to add a dash shotgrid-0.3.3-dev.
Still, how can we use dev without a specific version set ?

You will always have to specify a version as far as I know. The addons should adhere to Semantic Versioning.

You can however e.g. do versioning like:


We actually have something similar but always use our studio label there:


It’s good to be aware that anything after the - dash has no special meaning and is just purely alphabetically sorted, and IF such a suffix exists that it is considered a lower version than the version without the dash.

0.3.3             (this is considered newer)

Usually that’s because those suffixes also get used for things like alpha, beta or nightlies, e.g.

0.3.3             (this is considered newer)

Anyway, so be aware that the versioning after the - is alphabetically sorted, with alpha to beta you are in luck :wink: but it’s not because those are special keywords.

Thanks for the detailed feedback Roy !
Do I have greenlight opening a PR to update the doc ?
It says to have dev folder currently.