Default project hierarchy (made of folder type : folder)


When we create a new project, the project hierarchy is empty, here :
Web App–>Projects–>[select a project]–>Editor

It would be useful to automatically create some starting hierarchy of folders (Folder[type] = Folder).
For some companies it would simply be “assets” and “shots” (see screenshot), others will need more depth.

Then, people will only need to create the other entities (assets/shots/tasks) on the default hierarchy, with less risk of mistakes.

There is already the perfect entry, which comes from OpenPype, but is not currently used :
Studio Settings–>Core–>Project Folder Structure

When could we expect in Ayon the support of this OpenPype feature ?

Thanks !



I checked on this and we’ll be re-designing that feature for AYON to be a lot more robust, so probably won’t make it to 1.0, but it’s high up on the list.

Thanks a lot !

In the meantime, is there a way for us to use ayon_api to create that hierarchy ?
I’m not sure where to search.

I think this could be a start.

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