Data management (archiving, deletion, partial un archive)

Does Ayon have considerations built in about cleaning/archiving projects when complete, partial archiving while ongoing (final stuff, early episodes, old commercials in the same project), and any concepts for ‘rolling deletion’ where unless flagged somehow data is delete automatically after a time? These are considerations we want moving forward to be featured right up front, instead of trying to bolt them on afterwards (which is what we have now) to limited success.

Things to consider…. Partial un archive, to retrieve data but inside the pipeline so all the tools work. Rolling deletion, how to flag data so they are immune. ‘Cleaning’ of final workfiles (example nuke)!to ensure all read node paths live within the umbrella of what will become archived.

Generating lists for archiving tools to copy, store and delete…

Also how this might work with Ayon synced data or different sites and a non Ayon solution for data sync (does Ayon have a concept for site specific paths so an outside sync service would work?)

The links framework in Ayon will benefit this, cause we’ll be able to query the database for dependencies for better clean up.

In “Settings–>Core–>Publish plugins” there are “Clean Up” and “Clean Up Farm” settings, but I don’t know when they are triggered, and on what files they are applied.