Creator plugins with product (main family) aliasing

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In the current ongoing discussions surrounding feature requests, one topic that is gaining a lot of traction and attention is the request to introduce aliases for specific families. This is particularly pertinent in cases where identical behavior across various elements is desirable. One common family that has been pointed out as an example:

product type: render

aliased types: image , storyboard

In the example above, a creator for the render product type will be replicated dynamically and offered to the user as “Storyboard creator” in the Creator section. The render product publishing workflow will function as usual, but the resulting main family in version data will be designated as “storyboard.” This will make it easier for artists to navigate the Loader by filtering.

The existing mechanism in Traypublisher’s Simple Creator workflow in OpenPype settings project_settings/traypublisher/simple_creators can serve as inspiration for this workflow.

Assumption is that all creators in all hosts could be aliased.

Some related discussions in PRs from @BigRoy:

OpenPype related issue:

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