Created project does not have selected anatomy preset

Ok, so I made an anatomy preset and made it my primary, and then created a project:

Then after project creation it apparently uses the default, built-in anatomy instead:

Is there a way to apply an anatomy to a project after creation in the UI? I managed to do it via the REST api so that is one way :slight_smile:

It’s been some time since you posted this. Is there any chance you found a solution to this in the meantime @sjt ? :slight_smile:

at the moment there is no way to do it in the UI, but it’s a very good point and I’m adding it in the UX backlog.

No - however the last time I created a project in Ayon it applied the selected anatomy when I created it. So the original problem seems to have been fixed though :slight_smile:

Here’s some update.

By Ayon 1.0.1 release a copy paste buttons were introduced.
It’s planned to add some more function like re-apply anatomy preset and so on, but these buttons do the same, just in two steps.