Connection Manager

Tool to connect data to other data in multiple hosts. Connection plugins should handle host specific code and Connection Manager should provide common UI across the hosts.

more info pending…

We connect for example FX rigs to animation (alembics) with manager actions. Interested to hear what this tool could do over the manager?

A much better version of connection manager that should superseed the current look manager in Maya. We have some ideas already what it could look like and with AYON new API and links we should be actually able to do it finally.


Move look assigner tool to maya host directory.


This tool is Maya specific and contains Maya specific code. While running clean up, it seemed odd to me that some code in the Maya api library was only used in the tool outside of the Maya host directory.

Very true. We’ve been planning to redo the GUI to be maya independent and more useful for a long while, but never got to it. CUrrent form should really be in maya host unless it is made universal

@mkolar What’s the status of the rewrite - you mentioned at some point the Qt widgets/basis was there? I’d be happy to see if I could reconnect the tooling if there’s just a working draft with the Qt widgets.

I’ve merged an older maya look assigner topic to this newer connection manager, as they would very soon converge anyways. Hopefully ii’s not too confusing :wink: