Cannot Log In

I am attempting to create a Ynput Cloud account but when I click the link that is emailed to me, it says the link has expired :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated

May I ask what email provider you are using?

We’ve encountered some instances where Outlook security measures might pre-scan links before they reach your inbox. Unfortunately, since these links are often for one-time use, Outlook’s scan can render them invalid.

Ah this is a good point - yeah outlook scans the link.
I guess I can copy the link address and open it directly in the browser?

Unfortunately we have found no other way around it. Once that link lands in your inbox it has already been scanned by outlook, even before you clicking it, and is already invalid.

We will keep exploring ways around it though, as it’s very annoying.

ah that is a shame - I will have to use a different email