Build issue OpenPype release/next-minor branch on Macos 12.6.6 Monterey

Attempt to build the OpenPype branch release/next-minor on Macos 12.6.6 (Moneterey).
Followed the guide in README. All ok upto and including running ./tools/

On fetching the thirdparty libs I get the following error.

OpenPype % ./tools/

<snip artwork>

>>> Reading Poetry ... OK
>>> Running Pype tool ...
>>> Handling Qt binding framework ...
>>> We'll install PySide6==6.4.3
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/bootsch/src/3rd_Party/OpenPype/./tools/", line 243, in <module>
  File "/Users/bootsch/src/3rd_Party/OpenPype/./tools/", line 234, in main
    install_qtbinding(pyproject, openpype_root, platform_name)
  File "/Users/bootsch/src/3rd_Party/OpenPype/./tools/", line 112, in install_qtbinding
    python_vendor_dir / package / "Qt" / "plugins" / "sqldrivers"
NameError: name 'python_vendor_dir' is not defined

Yup, that’s a bug.

Originally that logic was part of this function but it seems to have separated but the python_vendor_dir was still used in the new function install_qtbinding.

For now you can add this in that function: python_vendor_dir = openpype_root / "vendor" / "python". A bit of code duplication but should get you going.

To be more accurate in my description. The function was always called install_qtbinding but before the pip install logic was also a part of that and thus the variable was defined, see here

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Added this line to the top of function install_qtbinding.

That did the trick indeed, thanks.