Blender and Fusion integration Questions regarding renders and publishing

Hi there,

Been testing Ayon for a few days, and really impressed with the whole package. Its a big step up for our pipeline once we integrate it.

A couple of questions arose when using Blender and Fusion, hopefully its ok to ask user questions here.

  1. Blenders publisher doesnt seem to be able to do local renders for publishing, only Deadline. Is that the case or have I mis-configured something? Ideally I’d like for artists on workstations to also use their machines for smaller renders without having to go through Deadline.

  2. In Fusion, there’s an option for doing Local Rendering and Deadline rendering which is great! However, regardless of what I select Ayon seems to want to trigger a render of the Fusion .comp, even if I’ve just done a local render using the standard fusion render button. And I just want to submit my .exr sequence and workfile.

Is it possible to just submit the already rendered EXR sequence or do I have to use the standalone tray publisher for that?

  1. Is it possible to generate review quicktimes from exr sequences? I cannot seem to find a way to trigger a review file to be generated from Fusion, Blender or any of the tray tools.

All in all extremely impressed with Ayon, hats off! Thank you devs!

I think this may indeed be lacking and is yet to be implemented. @simone.barbieri likely knows the current state of affairs in Blender.

What Fusion addon version are you using?

The latest version should support “Use existing frames” as a render target:

This will submit your existing rendered EXRs from a Fusion session.

You can also submit an arbitrary EXR sequence from Tray Publisher if you want to do this standalone.

Yes - this should work fine. Make sure you’re updated to latest addon versions to see if there hasn’t been a bugfix you might be lacking.

The publisher UI should have a “Review” toggle in many cases - make sure to have it enabled. As soon as that’s enabled the “review publishing” will kick in and it should generate review outputs based on your studio’s project settings.

If it doesn’t, then please share a “Publish log” here so we can better debug why it might not for you. The publisher UI should have a “Save to disk” button to save such a log file. (Be aware that it may contain confidential data like project name, filenames, server url, etc.)