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Hi, I would like to request a new feature in Houdini OpenPype to publish caches along with abc.

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Agreed. In our current pipeline we publish both the bgeo sequence, and then the hda it’s loaded into so that when the lighters get it it can have some level of attribute/ timeshift /organization prep already done.

In the future we’re hoping to just use usd as a disk format. But I’m not sure we wouldn’t need a bgeo publish as a interim step.

There’s this open PR to add support for publishing bgeo’s Pull requests · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub but like you, the first time I encountered this I was expecting “bgeo” to be just another format under the “Point Cache” family and not a new “family”, this thread Point Caches in Ayon was started to discuss that, maybe you can comment on it

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This is supported in Houdini Addon since Openpype 3.16.1, it was made possible by Houdini: simple bgeo publishing PR

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