Best practice for ffmpeg encode

I’m trying to have the best possible settings for ffmeg for the ExtractReview process (generating .mp4 that will be push for review).
By looking at the command line generated by openpype, i can see that the default settings seams to be configured for the best possible quality (preserving full size of the original media size, etc)
Do you have some guideline towards good compression settings but that output usable movie ?

Hey @Olivier, thanks for reaching out!

We had created the mp4 preset as the best output for Ftrack reviewable or practically any web previewing. If you wish to play with FFMPEG args your self, then ideally do it outside of Ayon and official ffmpeg documentation site should be your best frend (plus a lot of google-fu and OpenAI :wink: ). And then what ever had clicked for you just copy into preset’s ffmpeg args input list as pairs of args.

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Another good place would be; Introduction | ORI Encoding Guidelines


I’ve updated the post title and category if you don’t mind.

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Thanks for the link about ORI encoding guidlines.
I have learn a few things :

  • h265 is not very supported yet
  • i can resize every thing to hd width by using scale=1920:trunc(ow/a/2)*2 in the video filter