Beginner questions!

Hey everyone!

With the latest developments in AYON, I’ve got a basic starting pipeline working here, and it’s already awesome and to my liking. However, I do have some issues that I would like to address or get help with. Could someone please assist or shed light on some fixes?

- Thumbnail Workfile/Task
When I look at the dashboard, the only way to show tasks with thumbnails is to upload them manually. I have loads of thumbnails from the renders or workfiles. Is there a way to have them automatically load into the task?

- Nuke Studio Errors
After I’ve published a clip and try to load the new compositingRenderMain into the Nuke Studio timeline, I keep getting this error:

- Nuke Template Won’t Create Write Node
I’ve got LoadClip to work, but no matter what I try, CreateWriteNode won’t work on the Nuke template. Could this be a bug? This is the script editor after I’ve run a new build:

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