(Beginner) Addon marketplace not downloading addons

I run AYON from a Gcloud server.

So far I have managed to set up the AYON server on the Docker side of things.

Logging in to AYON cloud also works fine but when downloading the addons, the hourglass icon is stuck on the http://localhost:5000/onboarding part of things. when going back to http://localhost:5000/, it asks me to skip bootstrap like usual, I do that and I go to the addon market.

Once at the addon market, I cannot seem to download the files. the icon is ´loading´ but for something as small in terms of size, as let’s say a Blender addon, it makes me doubt that it’s that issue.

What could usually be the issue regarding this?

Could you provide more info about your ayon version ?

I don’t know how to debug this.
Do event viewer or docker log show something useful ?

just used this latest version I pulled
apparently my VM did weird and starting a new one solved it.

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