Ayon with unreal and perforce

I’ve been delving into Ayon for a couple of days now and am slowly but surely getting the hang of it. I’ve accumulated a list of questions, which I intend to tackle gradually. :blush:

Our studio has assembled a seven-artist team specializing in Virtual Production content using Unreal Engine, and as we continue to grow, so does my investigation into integrating a new pipeline with Ayon.

The key issue I’m facing at the moment revolves around orchestrating a workflow with Unreal Engine and Perforce. While Ayon simplifies the process of initial scene creation (I’m curious, though, where I can configure my default scene setup), I’m looking for insights for branching/streaming a scene in perforce to a different workspace and working with ayon.

How does everyone handle these issues/workflows

This is a tricky one. At the moment studios that use AYON with unreal use it fairly simple linear content workflow and are pretty much using perforce as a glorified sync of the full project between machines.

If you need more complex branching inside, that is currently outside of AYON scope. We’re actively working on a perforce integration that will allow a lot more, but it is still treating perforce more as a storage and sync mechanism, rather than full version control. Mapping perforce concepts to AYON version is really complicated actually and frankly needs a lot more concrete feedback from studios that use perforce as it was intended. Most of the studios we’ve spoken to apparently don’t.

yeah perforce is quite a beast indeed.
Why we use perforce and also use branching/streams is that we’ve got a contract with a big client to do all their commercials in VP.
This asset has continues updates, in term of making it better, but also adding shoot specific elements.
Maybe christmass decorations and or other seanonal elements, you name it.
We usualy branch these off, and after the shoot merge the elements we want to keep to the main depository.

So even if we could just sync workspaces from a depot can allready be helpfull.

But i hope we’ve others with a bnrilliant mind that can chime in on how they run this.

hopefully we can make some time free from the TD to hepl develop somthing.