Ayon web console icon not loading

Hi all,

In ayon web console Icons not loading in our production system but the same website icons loading in our support system. There is no internet connection in our production system. Can anyone help to resolve this issue.

Thank you

This will be because we use https://fonts.sandbox.google.com/css2?family=Material+Symbols+Outlined and so if the app isn’t connected to the internet it won’t download the icons font file.

This is obviously not ideal and we are working on a solution.

Thanks @knack for flagging this!

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Thanks @Innders and waiting for your reply.

This should be fixed now, give it a go and let us know please! We have also included the primary font Nunito Sans, as that was also missing when offline.

Just need to run the below commands to pull the new changes :slight_smile:

docker pull ynput/ayon:dev
docker compose up --build --detach
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Thank you @Innders, now its working fine.