Ayon server with limited permissions

I’m a teacher in a university and I am planning on installing and configuring AYON for the students to use during the next two semesters. I don’t have all the permissions required to install and configure any service on any server. I can ask for certain things (a linux server in a VM that has access to internet) but I could be limited for a few things.
So, I have two questions:
1 - Does the Docker container need access to the filesystem for AYON to work properly? If so, can I still use AYON without such an acess and what feature am I going to lose? If not, how are the folders created and how are the permissions set?
2 - I see in the installation documentation that the AYON desktop app needs the paths to the DCCs executables. Is it possible to use Rez with AYON? We use Rez and would live without it.


Currently there is no dedicated path for that but it has come up a few times on the discord channel as both a request and some users testing to get it working with OpenPype with some luck here and there. With that said, I feel it’s best worth to have a dedicated “Rez x Ayon” topic separate from this one since that’s almost definitely a whole topic of its own and reading the Rez title also more likely the attract the right people to join the discussion. If you create it I’d be happy to redirect the relevant people on the Discord to the forum to have them chime in where they can. Bonus points if you can already add how you’re currently using Rez in practice with some example cases. (Like is it available to the artists as a command line tool, or just used in the backbone, etc.)

Sorry for not answering much of your questions really - just wanted to highlight that it’s probably best to have that question separate. :slight_smile:

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There you go! Rez + Ayon :wink: