AYON Server 1.1.2

:rocket: Some of the things new in 1.1.2 :rocket:


:tada: New Features

  • Browser: Filter products/versions list by taskType

:heart: Improvements

  • Teams: Create new teams dialog popup.
  • Onboarding: Show the addon version when selecting versions.

:hammer_and_pick: Bugfixes

  • Market: Change terminology from “install” to “download” addon.
  • Settings: Pasting array fields to the anatomy editor.
  • Browser: Replace columns filter with custom dropdown.

FE full release: https://github.com/ynput/ayon-frontend/releases/tag/20240521


:heart: Improvements

  • Activity feed: create user relations for version and folder entities
  • Setup: support for bootstrapping access groups
  • Settings: enumerator for addon app host names

:hammer_and_pick: Bugfixes

  • Addons: fix incorrect summary parsing in get_installed_addon_list
  • Settings: fix copying deeply nested lists of submodels
  • LogCollector: parse empty messages

BE full release: https://github.com/ynput/ayon-backend/releases/tag/1.1.2