AYON server 0.5.4-20231027



  • fix: get project list using graphql as a normal user by @martastain
  • Provide detailed release information in /api/info by @martastain in #54
  • Low level access to addon settings by @martastain in #55

Installation and update

You’ll find the new docker image on our docker hub Docker

Follow the official installation and update docs Installing Ayon server | AYON Docs

Or this guide in this separate topic.

  • Show “Production” and “Staging” in dev-mode settings variant selector by @martastain in #228

Woop woop! :partying_face: Is there any ready-to-go documentation on Ayon dev mode?

That’s the “run from source code” type of feature right?

The dev mode is described here : Developer mode | AYON Docs


Dev mode was actually added here with a link to docs. AYON server 0.5.1+231012