AYON Roadmap 2024

As we’re entering Q3, we’re excited to share with you the updated AYON’s 2024 Roadmap :sparkles:

So far we’re on track with pretty much everything announced at Yn’24 summit, and even a little bit ahead on some epics. :zap:

Most notably:

  • We’re starting the second phase of the Production Tracking layer (“Native Prod Track”) almost 2 months earlier than planned :nerd_face:
  • The USD integration and AYON USD asset resolver are only a few weeks from reaching beta :rocket:

We shaked a little the Q3 and Q4 plans to make room for some Unreal love and to invest some long awaited time in low level publishing.

We are already proud of what we achieved in 2024, and it’s only half of it for now! :partying_face:

None of this would be possible without all the support and contributions from the community, as well as the trust and love we recienve from our amazing Clients and partner studios.
So let me send all the thanks I can to all AYONers :green_heart: :star2:

And kudos to all Ynputs teams making this plan real :sunglasses: :trophy:

Have nice holidays if you’re about to get some :cup_with_straw:
See you soon for everybody else :sun_with_face: