Ayon Python Version

Hey - I am in the process of setting up tooling infrastructure at my new studio and wanted to know what the time line was for updating the Python version of Ayon from 3.9 to 3.10 or 3.11?
This will inform what versions we support internally so will be helpful to get some insight.

I think matching VFX Platform where they can and bump to Py3.11 could be nice.

However, latest Maya and Houdini releases all still seem to be 3.10.
It does look like next Maya will be Python 3.11+ with PySide6 though.

Yeah this was my reason for asking as VFX Platform is targeting 3.11 and PySide6 which will be a big update (Qt.py doesn’t support Qt6 so would need to migrate to qtpy instead)

Note that AYON should already be fully ported to qtpy and in some hosts (e.g. Resolve/Fusion can run fine with PySide6) and it’s also using PySide6 on some platforms, like MacOS I believe. @iLLiCiT did a lot of work in that refactoring area. A lot of it started a long time ago, like here and some time ago here the Qt.py dependency was removed in January for the OpenPype addon.

So there should no remaining imports of Qt and all should’ve been refactored to qtpy.

ah great - that should make it easier to jump to 3.11 then - thanks Roy, great insight.
I guess for now I will have to distribute 3.9, but a rough eta on when the potential switch will be would be great.