Ayon Publisher: RuntimeError: No AYON renderer addon found

Hi all,

I am trying to publish a representation using a newer version of the core addon, however am getting the following error: RuntimeError: No AYON renderer addon found. It also says that the deadline and royalrender addon is not found but it is Deadline is enabled in the bundle and Royal Render is set to none as it isn’t being used.

Screenshots below:


Does anyone know what I have to configure to pass this check?
Any help appreciated.

Thank you

You sir, may have been bitten by a “nice” bugfix on my part. This PR: Collect Farm Target: Only report errors for not found addons if no valid farm addon found by BigRoy · Pull Request #637 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub

But … it works on my machine.

DEBUG: Collected render target: deadline

So, I’ll say that I suspect you need the Deadline addon 0.2+ version to be compatible with latest ayon core.


@BigRoy Uograding Deadline addon solved this error.

healed now :+1: Thank you