AYON Pipeline Early Access Beta - Publisher Subset Configuration

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In the website for the early access beta, where do I go to change the default products (subsets as it currently says in the tool) to publish for a particular task type? I’m currently on a “modeling” task and looking to add - as a default - to also export a product of type “Model” as well.
I searched around the webpage front-end settings and was unable to find this. Though I may be missing it.

Default behavior:

Desired behavior:

There is no support for having any subsets/products created automatically atm.

Its a good idea, but I think it’ll probably be more fitting to add to the workfile templating system, if we are to implement it.

For now though you can also look into the API for generating the instances with code.


Based on the wording of this paragraph on the Publisher documentation, I had assumed that this was possible already.
It mentions that every task type has pre-defined settings for what should be collected and what subsets (products) should be published.
Are these pre-defined settings hardcoded somewhere is the code or something then?

If this isn’t implemented yet, I would think that it would be critical to do so. In a production pipeline (such as the one I’m a part of), the studio would prefer the admin / pipeline team to control what products are created rather than the artist.

I would say that is wrong wording and very confusing.

Certainly a good feature to have! If your studio is in urgent need, I would suggest getting on a support plan with Ynput so the team can have a look at implementing this.
@milan should be the person to speak to about this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification. My studio is not in urgent need at this time, as I’m just doing a quick evaluation of AYON for the studio, but appreciate the info regardless.

I’d definitely consider that as a pretty important feature for the usability of OpenPype as a production pipeline for any studio though, something to consider when you guys are evaluating priorities :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

AYON doesn’t assume your workflow in general. It’s is up to the artist to choose what they want to publish, however it can be easily automated with a small amount of coding, which is what we would expect from a studio that has that need.

I suspect that it’s also why we rarely hear that request. Smaller studios that need the flexibility don’t need to lock it, while the big ones that need to rigidify a bit tend to have the manpower to build light automation on top of the core pipeline.

We consider things production critical from the system perspective when they keep repeating. This sounds more like a convenience automation for a studio (not that those wouldn’t be uber important).

That all being said, this would be quite trivial to implement actually. So I’ll move this to ideas and maybe some client will put priority on it at some point.

I’d like to state that I feel that what this topic requests is probably currently best resolved with “Workfile templates”. Starting of a task from a template with the subsets predefined allows those tasks to come ‘pre-set’ with the publish instances, and even better - with other requirements that you might have for your projects too.

So I’d probably recommend looking into Workfile templates first to see where that’s potentially running short for your use cases.

I’m not sure where workfile templates are best documented, but these docs for Maya Workfile Templates are at least related to it.

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