AYON pipeline 2024.01 & Server 1.0.0 🎇

AYON Server 1.0 Released as a part of release bundle 2024.01

We’re thrilled to announce the official release of AYON Server 1.0! This significant milestone marks the server’s readiness for production use.

Confidence for Production Workflows:

Both AYON Server 1.0 and the accompanying AYON 2023.12.0 pipeline bundle are now considered production-grade. This means you can confidently utilize all core functionalities, including the data model, API, and backend, for your production projects.

End of Beta Phase:

Previously tagged as “Beta,” all AYON server repositories and building blocks have now officially graduated to version 1.0.

Continuous Improvement:

We remain dedicated to ongoing enhancements beyond this release. We’ll continue to actively improve and refine the server, ensuring it remains a robust and reliable solution for your needs.

Deployment Options:

Full changelogs since last release

Full backend changelog


Full frontend changelog


  • Clear restart banner after restarting from app menu by @martastain in #261



  • Addon Market: Install and update addons from Ynput Cloud by @Innders in #257


  • Editor: New Entity Independent Label and Name Editing by @Innders in #253



Pipeline changelog
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